NNC Liscense Exam

Nursing Council Liscense Exam

  • Nepal Nursing Council (NNC) is a national council of the government of Nepal that is liable to validate licenses for the professionals who want to work in Nepal as a Nurse, Specialist or ANM. Only a nepali or foreign citizen who has passed the Licensure Exam conducted by NNC can professionally engage in the related field.
  • This test provided by Saralmind.com can be used to practice for the License Exam. Please be clear that passing the test here doesn’t make you eligible to work in Nepal as a Nurse but will be helpful for you to know if you can pass the exam.
  • Any registered user can practice the exam here for free for one month. After that, the user needs a paid subscription to use this feature. Each practice session will be saved in your dashboard and you can analyze them by visiting this page later.
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